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What Is SMAR7 Bundle?

Increase customer value instantly.

Allows your customers to easily increase the value of every single visitor of their Shopify stores in a few quick clicks

Shopify’s First SMART Upsell App

SMAR7 Bundle was designed to be the FIRST SMART app on Shopify, our SMAR7 technology ensures any user can pick it up and create a bundle in minutes

Perfectly Mobile Optimized

Did you know that 95% of online shopping is done from mobile? Did you also know that the top Upsell apps on Shopify don’t support mobile? We do. Ensuring every single customer receives the Upsell maximizing revenue

Show Cart Related Items

SMAR7 Bundle gives you the option to show products ONLY related to items in the Customer’s cart.. This SMART feature simplifies selling & easily maximizes your upsell rate by maintaining congruency

Product Triggered Upsells

We understand that sometimes you only want to have upsells on certain products… No problems, you set which products trigger upsells & which don’t. This is your store, run it how you want

Buying More Is FUN!

SMAR7 Bundle’s Gamification makes spending more money on your Shopify store… FUN! We increase the amount of money your customer’s spend while also increasing their likelyhood to return & spend more… Or just spread the word about your store

We’ve LITERALLY Changed how your customer’s will sell online, forever.

The FunnelBuilt for Maximum Conversions

Front-End Offer – 50% Commission

Front End Offer: 1 Store License

SMAR7 Bundle - 1 Shopify Store
One Time (Lifetime Access)
  • User Can Add Up To 1 Active Shopify store

Front End Offer: 5 Store License

SMAR7 Bundle - 5 Shopify Stores
One Time (Lifetime Access)
  • User Can Add Up To 5 Active Shopify stores

OTO – 50% Commission

Our Goal is Simple.We Want to Make You as Much Money as Possible.

Wyatt Jozwowski
Wyatt JozwowskiCEO & Co-Founder
Wyatt has done millions of dollars in online product sales with tens of thousands of happy customers. He’s built a series of complex software applications from the ground up.
Devin Zander
Devin ZanderCMO & Co-Founder
Devin is one of the leaders in the eCommerce industry, with thousands of successful eCommerce students he knows exactly what the industry needs to ensure customer success
Kelsey Buxton
Kelsey BuxtonAffiliate Specialist
Kelsey has years of medical sales experience and is here to assist you in any way. Need help, or want to ensure your highly profitable promo? Kelsey is here to take care of you.
AlexLead Developer
Alex has been with SMAR7 Apps since the beginning. He’s led all product development and continues to innovate new ways to develop on Shopify.
VicolCustomer Success Lead
Vicol has been working in customer success for over 7 years. He’s built multiple, unstoppable customer success/support teams and always strives for near-instant response times.
AlexLead Designer
Alex is the lead user interface & experience designer for SMAR7 Apps. He specializes in user engagement, conversion, and software applications.
Huber is a very skilled programmer that can work with a myriad of different languages. He works closely with Alex to make sure the SMAR7 app works perfectly for your customers.
Laura Catella
Laura CatellaConversions
Laura Catella is a highly sought after direct response copywriter constantly making her clients money. In fact our last time working with her resulted in over 1.5 million in 20 days
Matt Schmitt
Matt SchmittInstructor
Creator of the 10-Day Shopify Hurricane. Matt is one of the leading experts on Facebook advertising, eCommerce, and Shopify. He’s helped thousands create their first store.

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Wyatt Jozwowski
  • Skype: appleshowyou
Devin Zander
  • Skype: devin.zander

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